Before I explain the situation, I will give you an answer, DON’T!

I have a desktop/server in my living room that I use mainly as a media server and mythtv box. After getting a new iPod Touch and wanting to sync it painlessly, I had the bright idea of using an ntfs partition as my home folder. I realize now that this was a bad idea.

I partitioned all my drives, mounted the ntfs partion within ubuntu and set it as my home directory. I am not quite sure why it never worked in the end, but I have a strong feeling it has to do with symlinks and file permissions. I have now decided going another route.

I have 2 drives, 80gb and 300gb.

80gb Drive—

  1. 15gb Windows (ntfs) –rarely used
  2. 10gb Ubuntu (ext3)
  3. 55gb Music (ntfs)

300gb Drive—

  1. 50gb Home partition (ext3)
  2. 250gb Video Partition (XFS)

I found this setup to be perfect. It allows me to share my music between the two OS’s and still has adequate room for mythtv streams!

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