James Cortez
San Francisco, CA
jim at jimcortez dot com
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Fluent Languages (Used within last): Python, Lua, JavaScript/Node.js
Familiar Languages (Not used within last year): HTML/CSS, Java (+ Android), C, C++
Operating Systems: Linux (Ubuntu), OSX
Experience with: Docker, Amazon Web Services, Azure Cloud Service, Gevent, Twisted, Continuous Integration/Delivery, Software Management


Ivee (March 2015 - Present)
Co-founder and VP of Engineering
     Lead engineering efforts for the Ivee Voice, a hardware device home voice assistant with a voice-centric interface. The device could set alarms, answer general knowledge questions, play music, and much more
     Managed engineering team, setting goals and triaging bugs
     Built initial prototype using raspberry pi for investor event use 3rd party dev boards, lights, speakers, and microphones
     Managed and Advised on electronics manufacturing process
     Built fast auto-scaling micro/service architecture based using Docker, RabbitMQ, and Redis
     Integrated with a variety of 3rd Party speech recognition, natural language processing, and service APIs
     Troubleshooted and Debugged hardware issues
     Managed integrations with 3rd party chip vendors
     Architected and deployed technical infrastructure for continuous integration and deployment
     Performed on-camera interviews and work for "Bazillion Dollar Club" TV docu-series
     Company part of 500 Startups and OrangeFab incubators

Yahoo! Smart TV (January 2010 - March 2015)
Senior Software Engineer
     Lead UI Engineer for next-generation products, UI integrations, and core framework development
     Architected complete 3D application and graphics framework using Lua and proprietary OpenGL-based graphics engine
     Implemented core TV UI and Apps for 2011-2014 Vizio Smart TV's
     Implemented interactive advertisement and product experiences using proprietary ACR technology for 2012-2014 Samsung Smart TV's
     Travelled to Asia multiple times integrate experiences into restrictive hardware technology stacks and to triage high priority partner/manufacturer engineering issues
     Collaborated with teams in NY to create many product demos for executive review and approval
     Successfully led corporate-mandated continuous integration and git migration projects
     Travelled to India for training and discussions with several Yahoo teams
     Led product, architecture, and business discussions for new products
     Developed test harnesses to test manufacturer video decoder implementations.
     Worked with Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio, Toshiba, Haier, Hisense and several white-label manufacturing partners to integrate Yahoo Connected TV Apps Platform
     Lead Engineer on Device Communication Feature (Documentation)
     Sole developer on Android remote control application (EOL-ed)
     Wrote and open-sourced tools and libraries (Device Communication on GitHub)
     Worked with college recruiting teams for on-site and on-campus interviews, screenings, and campus hack days
     Mentored summer college interns and assigned project work
     Participated in partner & advertiser meetings, gave public demonstrations, and aided setup/teardown efforts for CES 2010-2014
     Contributed articles and best-practices to team blog
     Member of winning internal hack day team

Yahoo Widget Engine (January 2009 - January 2010)
     Audited and approved 3rd party widgets for release on Yahoo Desktop Widget engine online gallery. Maintained and transitions backend services to new API’s. Developed tools and test suites to aid in TV development.

Yahoo Inc. (June 2008 - August 2008)
Geotargeting Intern
     Create an internal web-based application to aid in statistical data representation. Used in-house PHP/JS/CSS framework based upon YUI. Also aided in bug tracking on C++ statistics generating program.

Personos Inc. (May 2007 - May 2008)
Web Developer/Consultant
     Develop prototype enterprise-level people-aggregating site with Ruby on Rails. Aided in system architecture design and framework. Responsibilities included doing various system administration tasks and designing and implementing new features.

University of San Francisco, Computer Science Department (January 2006 - June 2007), (January 2008 - May 2008)
Course TA
     Teacher's Assistant for various Computer Science courses

University of San Francisco Foghorn (September 2005 - December 2007)
Online Editor (http://foghorn.usfca.edu)
     Maintainer of technical aspect of the newspaper site. Installed and configured software to fit requirements given. Site software was written in PHP with several small customizations made. Continued as technical advisor until graduation.


University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
B.S., Computer Science; Graduated 2009
M.S., Web Science; Graduated 2010

Loyola High School, Los Angeles, CA
Graduated: 2005

Notable Projects and Papers

Device Communication: A Multi-Modal Communication Platform for Internet Connected Televisions In EuroITV 2012: Proceedings of the 10th international interactive conference on Interactive TV & Video, July 2012. Best Paper Nominated

Netlogger (2009-1010) - Worked with researchers from Lawrence Berkeley Livermore Labs to develop a logging system for the STAMPEDE supercomputer project. Involved creation of live visualization logs as well as exploring alternative non-SQL databases for large datasets for high-frequency insertions. Project involved Python, MongoDB, YUI, and AIR. Master’s Project Research.

Motel Distributed Mobile Computing (2009) - Research project that allowed ad-hoc communication and distributed workflows between mobile devices. Developed an extension and web framework that allowed web servers running on mobile devices to provide real-time statistics. Project involved Java, Android, and Mobile Jetty.

PottersKeys.com (June 2004 - December 2007) - Harry Potter based fansite. Managed backend database, forums, news, and original content. Leader of world-wide volunteer staff (US, UK, India, Russia). Over 5,000 average daily hits.

Owl Post (Spring 2008) - Class Project. Created a basic webmail system. Designed and implemented rails-inspired MVC architecture in Java using MySQL, Jetty, and Velocity. Desktop-like interface with Javascript-powered windows and table sorting. Features included Spam filtering, Lucene powered search, and inline attachments.

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