Commune - Burning Man 2024

March 1, 2024   

Commune is a WIP piece to be shown at Burning Man 2024

Biking in the deep playa, you are drawn to a series of lights set in patterns that aim to attract from a distance. You find a beautiful dining table has already been set, with others welcoming you for a meal that will never arrive. The ambiance changes as you interact with your fellow diners.

The piece itself is primarily a custom-built table for 8 with inlaid LED’s, a spherical centerpiece (more LEDs), and place settings affixed. 8 sturdy chairs that fit the theme will be sourced. Encapsulating the piece are 8 legs custom fabricated from metal tubing, primarily supporting shade cloth, a chandelier, and a beacon. LEDs will coat the beacon and chandelier, as well as run along the poles.

LED Animations synchronize with patterns or sequences that aim to delight and inspire conversation. As a stretch goal, sequences can also be manipulated by participants by touch. Touching a fork could cause another participant’s area to go dark, but touching together could trigger a surprise animation.

Materials/Technologies Used

  • LED’s driven by 3 QuinLED-Dig-Quad (ESP32) microcontrollers networked to a raspberry pi
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Runs Falcon Player which sends out DDP commands to LED controllers
  • Used X-Lights software for 3D modeling and sequencing, with custom built ISF Shaders