Friends for Dinner - Burning Man 2023

September 4, 2023   

Friends for Dinner was a placed art piece at Burning Man 2023. Participants experienced a large “fancy” dining room table that invited conversation and inclusion in a familiar place, but in an unfamiliar setting. Using more than 2000 individually-addressable LED’s, the piece had hours of unique animations that tied the chandelier, plates, and orbs together.

Special thanks to the crew: Noah, Jay, and Russ

Materials/Technologies Used

  • Table, chairs, and tableware were sourced second-hand
  • Chandelier custom made with 30px/m and 96px/m WS2815 LED strips
  • Plates rested on WS2815 LED strips encased in resin
  • LED’s driven by 3 QuinLED-Dig-Quad (ESP32) microcontrollers networked to a raspberry pi
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Runs Falcon Player which sends out DDP commands to LED controllers
  • Orbs are based on MaceTech OctoBar and 8 Satellite S-001 Modules
  • Used X-Lights software for 3D modeling and sequencing, with custom built ISF Shaders

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