Playa Name Generator - Burning Man 2016-2023

September 4, 2016   

What’s a playa name? It’s a name you are gifted at Burning Man, and some people take it very seriously. We do not.

In 2014, our camp generously gifted playa names from a box of Cards Against Humanity via a megaphone to anyone walking by. Since we are lazy, we decided that a robot could do this job much better!

The Playa Name Generator (disrespectfully called “The Lady”) has more than 2000 names and gives them out on demand to any participant brave enough to press her button. Over the years, she has gained a generous amount of personality and improved diction. She allows campers to control what she says via a keyboard or a mobile app.

Thanks to Rusty as co-creator.

Materials/Technologies Used

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Runs custom software based on python & twisted framework, web UI writted in Angular
  • USB connected button with custom events for cover open/close
  • Entire system runs on solar charged batteries in a custom box.